How are you different than other apps out there?

First off, we're not an app. We're a team of health coaches who help you via chat over Facebook Messenger.

With that clarification, here's three ways we're different:

  1. Delegate all the heavy lifting to us
    • What are the biggest bottlenecks for you right now? The answer to this changes as you progress. Leave it to us to figure out and keep tweaking the exact set of goals to focus on that not only will move you forward consistently but also fit your schedule and lifestyle.
    • Keeping track of nutrition has never been easier - no need to weigh and measure every ingredient in your meals, and look them up in a cumbersome database. Just snap a picture and message it to us. Did you know the FDA allows 20% inaccuracy on nutrition labels? Focus on your life. Leave it to us to measure your portions via your picture as well as pick the right calories.
    • Have trouble with actually sticking to your goals? We keep you accountable by removing all the hurdles between you and what you need to do.

      You have trouble starting exercising? We'll write you 3 exercise routines that'll give you one hell of a home workout that takes 10 minutes tops.

      You have to eat out 5 times a week for reasons you can't get out of? We'll make menu suggestions and arm you with food strategies that have you meeting your goal regardless.

      And of-course, we'll keep discussing how to get you to meet your goals day in and day out until you're consistently meeting them. We won't ever give up on you.

  2. We grow with you - Most apps are designed to be good at one thing; calorie counting, steps tracking, sleep tracking, etc. However making progress towards fitness requires a more holistic approach to health.

    Is your weight loss mostly muscle loss instead of fat loss? We'll catch that and help you prevent this common problem from continuing.

    Reached your goal weight but still lacking desired body definition? We'll switch goals to body recomposition and you'll have a crisp daily goal plan for it.

    Current strategy not working and you've plateaued? We have tons of experience breaking clients from plateaus.

    Want to integrate meditation into your practice? We can suggest a routine for that too.

    The possibilities are endless.

  3. Empathy - Yes, an actual human is behind the screens at all times ready to respond to any questions, proactively warn you if you're going off track, and most importantly, offer you support on how to make it easier for you to get back on-track.

    Admit it, you just can't feel that same level of accountability with a machine. We're there at all times to help you get through the really tough pivotal moments - when you're feeling demotivated after binging on a box of pizza or angry about how frustrating it can feel after a brutal workout - an app can't help you get through those times where human empathetic support is needed the most.

How are you different than other nutritionists and trainers out there?

This sounds too good to be true. Are you actually a bot?

Nope. There are 2 of us - Richa (mindset & accountability coach) and Lucy (nutrition & exercise coach). We read and respond to each and every message you send. We do use an "AI assistant" for data entry and analysis over your food, exercise and feeling logs, as that's what tech is good at, but you're interacting with a human when it comes to actual coaching, which we do throughout the day daily with each of our clients.

Why are you only available in USA and Canada?

Two reasons:

  1. We, the 2 coaches, live in USA, and to provide instant coaching, we need to be in or near the same timezone as you. Sleep is important for us too :)
  2. Cultural relationships with food and body image matter a lot in how to coach someone. Since we're from USA, we understand USA and Canada culturally to be able to coach effectively.

How much effort does this require from me?

Short answer: You need to put in the minimal amount of work necessary to make progress.

What this means is different for everyone.

For instance, if you log your food with us but don't want to measure anything, just send pictures to us. If you don't want to carry your phone on you all day, write down what you eat on a piece of paper and send us a picture of it at the end of the day. Whatever is easiest for you.

If exercise is not your biggest rock to tackle, we won't make you do it (unless you really want it). If your schedule is too busy and you can only check in with us for 5 minutes 3 days a week, we'll figure something out with that as well.

The whole point of coaching over chat is to make things convenient and fit around your schedule and preferences.

Do I have to count calories / cook / exercise?

Absolutely not! We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach to getting healthy.

Numbers stress you out? Let's focus on food quality and mindful eating instead.

Too busy to cook? We'll find you some 5-min meals or packaged food options that gets you to meet your nutrition targets while still being healthy.

Too out of shape to exercise? We'll write and adapt any exercise routine to fit your experience if you need it.

On a budget? We'll send you grocery list that meets that budget.

Our goal is to get you to your goals as comfortably as possible.

I've disappointed coaches / trainers/ friends in the past. What if this happens with you too?

We totally understand!

Here's the deal - the only thing that will ever disappoint us is if we hide things from each other.

We care less what you eat and do than the fact that we can be open and transparent with each other. If that falls apart, nothing else matters :)

However, we also understand that trust doesn't just start at 100% from Day 1. If you have any concerns and share potential triggers from your history, tell us at any time and we will do our best to account for them.

Do I need to give you my credit card to do the 1-week Free trial?


What are the payment plans if I decide to subscribe after the 1-week Free trial?

You can pick from:

How do I know which payment plan to pick?

The healthy amount of weight to lose per week is 1-2 lbs. Given that, we recommend picking:

Note that once your subscription ends, you'll be charged at the same rate month-to-month and can cancel anytime.

This means that if you chose the 12-month subscription, at the end of the 12 months, you'll continue to be charged $25/mo (not $50/mo) and can cancel anytime after that point.

I don't use Facebook Messenger. Is there another way for me to try your coaching?

Not currently. However, if you have any questions about health & fitness, we're happy to help over email.

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