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Client Spotlight

Since HK joined Coach Viva, she has lost 28 lbs in 4 months.

HK says:

"I don’t binge eat anymore. Coach Viva will take feedback from you, and each time you’re about to binge give you either a summary of the calories you’re about to intake or give you healthier alternatives. Both have been great deterrents for me."

"Coach Viva helps me set realistic goals. I wanted to cold turkey start on a keto diet which I had done in the past and left because it’s so hard, so instead we started taking down my carb intake slowly. I started at eating 250+ carbs per day, and am down to an average of 100-140 carbs. It’s been a big game changer too."

"If I’m going out with friends, I’ll send the restaurant’s menu to Coach Viva to give me healthier choices to pick from. I recently had my bachelorette and I’m proud to say, I didn’t gain any weight over that weekend. All thanks to Viva!"

"I get recipes that I can afford to make. I have a very busy schedule so slow cooker recipes are preferred over cooking dinner when I get home. Voila, I don’t have to search a website, Coach Viva sends me all my recipes, with accurate serving and calorie intake."

The first time I tried losing weight, I thought there was something wrong with me

Richa Prasad CEO & Co-founder of Coach Viva

When I was a kid, I used to love imagining life as an adult.

I did not imagine:

I turned to the internet and was welcomed by a flurry of both quick-fix promises and conflicting advice.

I decided to try everything:

I didn’t enjoy my routine, and the scale did not reliably motivate me.

I'd give up. I felt like a loser with no willpower.

Hitting rock bottom

One day, I ate a late lunch. Shortly after, I clutched my chest, unable to breathe properly.

I urgently sought out a cardiologist, who adorned me with heart monitors then dismissed me with a clean bill of health. $1000+ later, and they still couldn't find anything wrong.

I was shocked and outraged. I was 27. Why was my body behaving like it was 80?

The wake-up call

Guess what?

There is no scale number that can undo years of poor mindset.

There is no magic pill that can undo years of poor habits.

I needed a lifestyle overhaul.

That meant in-depth education, mindset change, and an understanding of not just the “what” but also the “why” - the science behind our bodies and the forces behind our psychology.

Old me New me
Searching for one-stop solutions Searching for education on the processes of nutrition, exercise, and mindset
Wondering why I'm broken compared to my “fit friends” Asking why different bodies in same environments respond differently to stimuli
Asking which diet or workout was the “best” Asking what makes them similar and different, what kinds of people stick to each, and for how long and why?
Basing success on a single number Basing success on habits, trends, and self-awareness

Happily ever after?

6 months after I started translating science and mindfulness to daily health habits, I achieved my goal of losing 7% body fat.

3 years later, I have kept the fat off and am still learning and improving myself daily. This time around because I want to, not because I feel like I have to.

Yes, I still occasionally indulge in cookies or skip workouts, and who doesn't? Life wouldn't be as fun without the occassional treat and relaxation day.

Why Coach Viva?

The majority of us are stuck sifting through both oversimplified and overcomplicated information for the real, practical and sustainable advice we actually need.

Shouldn’t you have instant access to a program designed uniquely for your schedule, lifestyle and personality?

Shouldn’t you get instant help in overcoming the surprises daily life throws at you when you try practicing said program?

This is precisely why I started Coach Viva.

Coach Viva has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food, and not to obsess with food and exercise. The coaches are flexible, motivating and always easy to talk to.

Gabrielle Lost 36 lbs in 5 months

Coach Viva is like having a coach in your pocket: super convenient and private.

Randy Lost 27 lbs in 4 months

Meet your Expert & Empathetic team

Richa Prasad

Mindset & Accountability Coach

Richa has coached people who need an organic way to incorporate the right mindset and habits into their busy lives, all the way to people who need to overcome body image issues & obsessive eating behaviors.

She believes deeply in coaching clients at the exact moment they 'fail' as that's when the desired mindset changes sink in the most. This is the reason why coaches on Viva are available instantly to you.

Lucy Liang

Nutrition & Exercise Coach

Lucy has coached people who are just starting to incorporate exercise and diet changes into their daily routine, all the way to people who are trying to get into photoshoot model shape.

She believes deeply that telling you what exercises to do or what to eat isn't enough. Even more important is nurturing a positive relationship with food and exercise.

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